Analysis Of Stephen King's Different Seasons

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The sources by Deacy, Reino and Stein are all centered around Stephen King’s Different Seasons and provide different approaches to research writing. To start off, I'd like to look at Deacy’s writing. For starters, when reading this journal about shawshank, I was thinking that this person must have been very educated simply because of his writing style. This did make him seem credible as he used more of a complex way of writing as seen in the other two sources. However, this was somewhat harmful since I had a very hard time following what he was trying to get across throughout the reading. Even though he did cite sources, this style of writing made it very unappealing for me as a reader and researcher. I believe that sometimes, simplifying…show more content…
Although I could understand this writing pretty well, the book simply lacked the sources to backup the information in the text. Even though I enjoyed reading this much more that Deacy’s writing, I was disappointed with the lack of references and citations. Saying this, he did use a good amount of page numbers from Different Seasons, but he also should have had some outside sources. The last source, written by stein, displayed a strong balance between research and writing style. I enjoyed reading this text the most as it was simply easier to read and I was able follow the approach the author was taking. Additionally, This author did have multiple sources on his reference page and used them throughout the text as in text citations. For these reasons, I would choose this source as the best source for a research paper when compared to Deacy and…show more content…
However, I was mistaken since the majority of the article was about gothic traits. It’s not a total loss since there are a few sentences that are relevant to my potential topic. It looks like this is a source that I am only going to pull small parts from. I did, however, think that Strengell did a great job with her writing. I really enjoyed reading it even though it proved not to be very useful. Again, like that last source, there were lots of citations and references so I feel confident about the credibility of this

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