The Importance Of Being A College Student Essay By Brad Wolverton

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Being a college student can be difficult. High school teachers try to prepare the students before they begin college. They try to prepare them by informing them that it will be a lot of work to do, and teaching them about time management, but after all the preparedness it still be difficult. College is difficult because normally when people enter college, they are consider an adult. Being an adult requires responsibility. For example, the student might have to work, pay rent, and pay car note. Having a lot of responsibility as a college students will cause anxiety. A college student should have support from family members so they can just focus on their work. An author name Brad Wolverton wrote an article “The education of Dasmine Cathey. The article is about a black male that played football for The University of Memphis but had trouble doing school work. Wolverton wrote this article for college students that are trying to succeed in college, but cannot because of extra responsibility outside of school. His purpose was to persuade college students to not get overwhelmed by distractions outside of school because it will make the time in college difficult. He defends his argument by informing us about a man named Dasmine Cathey. He told us the different activities he had to do before school, he builds…show more content…
He introduces the different advisory and tutors. The author introduced the people to show that he did his work on the investigation of Dasmine. Introducing them also showed proof that Dasmine was unprepared for college. The author proved his point that distraction is the cause of college students to fail by quoting a statement. He quoted a statement from a man name Joseph P. Luckey. Luckey said, “I was like holy crud, I can’t believe how many kids are reading below a seventh- grade level.” I believe the quote help strengthens the argument because it gives the reader proof that Cathey was

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