Essay On Life Without Animal Testing

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What would happen without animal testing? Imagine a world where everybody is sick. Thats what will happen without animal testing, where humans would experiment on each other to keep us “safe”. Medical testing on animals is good for these reasons: it helps in the development in medicine, finding and curing new diseases, and keeping humans from dying from the new drugs that have defects. Medicine Medicine is a necessity for human life in the current generation with all the current and new diseases being found today. ”Animal testing was required for me to receive the antibiotics, anti-inflammatory steroids, and bronchodilators needed for me to recover from my long bout of pneumonia this year.” (Pharmboy) Although Alex Pharmboy stated that animal…show more content…
Moreover, testing on animals has developed vaccines for many serious diseases such as Herpes Simplex, Hepatitis B, Polio, Rabies, malaria, virus-related conditions, and organ transplantation rejection” (Shandilya). These diseases would have never been cured without animal testing and could still be harming us today. People may argue that they may not focus on medicine testing but in fact most of the research they do is about some sort of medical advancement. (See Figure…show more content…
But many of these diseases are known to other parts of the world but won’t be a problem for us. What if someone from that area has the disease and travels to our country and it spreads? We obviously would have to learn about this disease through the most common test subjects, animals. Not are animals the most useful resources to try and cure these diseases they also hold many others waiting to be discovered and cured. “Imatinib is a drug used to cure patients with chronic leukemia.” (Scott) This drug was made and tested on animals which helped many peoples

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