Weber's Theory Of Precarious Workers

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To better understand this paper, it is necessary to define what is the precarious work itself and how can we define its workers. According to the International Labor Rights Forum‚ ‘‘precarious workers are those who fill permanent job needs but are denied permanent employee rights. Globally, these workers are subject to unstable employment, lower wages and more dangerous working conditions. They rarely receive social benefits and are often denied the right to join a union increasing”. If we accept this definition, which states clearly what precarious workers are and what are the conditions they work with, we can perfectly understand what is precarious work and precarious jobs. They have always existed, but with the beginning of the economic…show more content…
In fact, all of them state that the labor market and the work itself are crucial to understand the social stratification and the social mobility within it. For instance, if we analyze Marx’s theory we can see that these factors are not only crucial: for him they are the central issue and the central creator of social stratification and social classes; but if we look at Weber’s theory, although the factor “work” is also taken in account as one of the most important ones, it is not the only one: his theory is known as “multi-dimensional” because it takes in account more factors such as the “cultural dimension”. And these are just two of the multiple theories regarding this…show more content…
According to Elísio Estanque – who is a very well-known Portuguese sociologist, scholar and researcher –, “the social and labor transformations [in Portugal] over the past three decades have promoted a range of significant changes that added new difficulties to the syndical movement and jeopardize the centrality of the class as the motor of the collective action”. For this author the labor transformations in course are mischaracterizing the classes. But he analyzes mainly the transformations in long-term. So the crisis is not included. What was interesting to note on Estanque’s work was the fact that the labor market has been changing the social structure for a while and the crisis is only making those changes more visible and

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