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My Family Tree Let me introduce myself, I’m Jonathan Molina, and I’m gonna tell you about my family tree. I’m gonna start it with myself of course and I will go on to start with me and i will go down to my parents, and then to my grandparents. At the end of this essay you will know a little about me and a really good amount of my parents and grandparents. Now let's start with me, I’m the first born of 3 kids. The middle one was born on August of 98 and the youngest one was born on February of 2011, I was born on April of 96; in a small South American country called Quito as was my brother. Quito is a city in the Mountain region of Ecuador, which also happens to be the capital of the country. For about two years I vaguely remember that we…show more content…
While we lived here I had a nanny whose name was Noris. When my parents had me they were pretty young, they were 21 to be exactly, so around when we had our nanny my parents both went back to college to finish their degrees. While all this was going on the one that we spent the most time was Noris. For the most part our parents were either working or at school. Noris was the one that shaped me the most when i was little. Speeding up a little to 2007 is when my parents decided to move us to the United States; the reason for this move was that my parents knew that we would be better opportunities to be more successful than…show more content…
My dads childhood was one that you would kind of expect a boy from a South American country to be like, he grew up playing soccer in the streets with his neighbors and his brothers. At school my dad was bright but very very lazy till he got to his second year of high school. From somethings that I gathered from my grandmother was that he was a troublemaker as well. It wasn't till in high school that he stopped getting in trouble and started applying himself which he did real well as his grades brought him to the top of the school. After graduating from high school my dad joined the air force at the age of 17. At this time also my dad had a girlfriend who got pregnant not much after he joined the air force, my step sisters name is Melina. This relationship ended when the girlfriend got caught cheating. And my dad went on focus on the air force and climbing up the ranks. In the air force my dad thrived very quickly which earned some promotions, he had to do some very rigorous training physically and mentally, and of course had to survive boot camp and all the obstacles that came with being in the air force and how the people in power would treat the newvies which was no pretty. A few members of his squadron including him were sent to Georgia, here in the united states. The reason for all this was to be as prepared for war as much as one possibly can, and a small war did come when

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