The Saussurean's Theory Of Structuralism

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The association of Structuralism studies the underlying structure that exists in a particular culture (e.g. texts) by using certain logical concepts from linguistics, anthropology, psychology and some other fields. It also emphasizes on the analytical and scientific nature of the interpretation of those structures. After structuralism, an intellectual movement emerged in Europe known as post- structuralism that argued that the culture of human can also be implicated by the means of structure and which is different from the concrete reality and abstract ideas but mediates between the two. The different schools of linguists developed and qualified the Saussurean’s dichotomies in various ways. The influential group of literary critics and linguist…show more content…
They presented a hypothesis that word-for-word translation of color terms is impossible in different languages, some languages have two basic color terms, some have three or four while in English it has eleven color terms and the notion of lexical structure has been often illustrated by the semanticists in terms of vocabulary of color. They maintained that within the continuum of color, eleven psycho physically definable focal points or areas exists in hierarchal nature in at least six of these focal areas. These focal areas establish their lexicalization in any language. It was also hypothesized that a child learns the denotation of color system in a hieratical manner i.e. a child first masters on the distinction between black and white and then red and after that green or yellow and so on. If there would be limited number of psycho physical focal color areas then correlating them with the distinctiveness of the salient objects in man’s physical and cultural habits would be…show more content…
It is of the view that every structure of a languge has to perform a particular function. The system of Functionalism is used by cultures which put their focus and emphasizes on the functional interactions of cultures and societies. This system deals with the questions such as why and how certain rituals or daily chores etc. are being part of the society or performed within it. The "law-like" generalizations are made by this system, which are engaged to explain and envisage social

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