Narrative Essay About Independence Day

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Last night was highly unexpected. At school no one bullied me and Carrie was my friend. I had now had a friend in my class. In class we learned about the 4th of July (July 4th) which was Independence Day. It is a day in remembrance of the Declaration of Independence and the United States of America. And the Fourth of July is also during summer break which is soon. Jennifer and Ria were surprised to see me with Carrie at lunch. We told them all about last night.They were surprised, but not as much as I was even though I had listened to it just last night. “Why did you bully Mukta, Seema?” said Jennifer in a very confused way. I paused. That had my mind thinking, why did I bully Mukta? She definitely felt left out. “I am not sure. Maybe it was because she…show more content…
I told Mommy and Mela about school that day and the previous night. Mela fell asleep after a while but I continued speaking with Mommy. I was afraid to tell her about Mukta. She was completely fine with it, but she had some stuff to say about it. “So Carrie was mean to you because she was scared. Why were you mean to Mukta” asked Mommy. “Because she was different, but I forgive Carrie” “Go right Mukta a letter, see if she will forgive YOU” “Okay I'll do it” said Seema First I went to check the mail to see if Mukta had wrote to me. She had, it said: Dear Seema, I am glad you have found friends and you are happy. Break has finished and my Kaki is still not well end we need just a little bit more money to bring her to the sanitarium. I’m catching up with my studies. Overall everything is fine. How are you? How is school? Are you doing well? I hope to see you soon. And isn't your summer break soon? I hear that you are good at math at school. Everything is a little confusing but you might be used to it. I hope you are enjoying America. I know you miss us. And all of us miss you too. You're close to your break. Hope, you write back

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