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At a soccer camp I go to every year with the Florida State Team called ODP I had one of the brightest moments in my soccer career. At the camp each team plays 4 games and a region staff which designates one coach to each team to watch the game and pick the best players from the day to play in a pool game at night where you play in front of the entire region staff as a tryout for the region team. It all started my 4th year on the team, every year before I didn't play up to par, but I came prepared. I showed up to play and it showed because the first night I got picked for a pool game. My first one ever, Words couldn't describe my surprise since I had never been picked before, and I started to get butterflies in my stomach. Like all soccer…show more content…
Late in the game literally the last 30 seconds we got a free kick at mid field and my center back didn't have anything so I checked back for the ball and he passed it to me. No one was around so I didn't even touch it I just let it roll next to me while I jogged with it, I kept looking for a pass but I couldn't find anyone open and the other team wasn't pressuring me so I just took a shot. I let it fly from about 30 yards out and I'm not the best shooter in the world but someone decided to watch over me because it went straight top corner on the number 1 goalie in the region. During my celebration they called the game and we walked off the field. The region coaches all seemed really impressed and asked if I did it on purpose or luck, so I said a little bit of both. They shook my hand and then that kid Miguel started raving over how good I played. I don't really feel as if I'm that great, maybe I'm modest but he swore I was super raw. I felt a bit awkward because I didn't know what to say to him I just kept smiling while he kept saying how great I had done. I do not even remember one second of the second pool game I just remember talking to my teammates that weren't in the pool game about the game and my goal they all kept saying the same

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