Society Change In Ayn Rand's 'Anthem'

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In 1966, the book “Anthem,” by Ayn Rand, portrays the story of a man who is confused by how his society works and is in constant wonder of how times were before his lifetime existed. Could one imagine living in a world where you knew nothing of the past and only of the present? In today’s century, we know of events that have happened over three hundred years ago and only a select few question how and why things have changed so much since then. Why is it that things change so quickly? Why do one’s societies change at all if things are going accordingly? What can we do to make improvements that will be in everyone’s best interests? There is nothing more important than living a life that makes us happy and where we are known as one individually…show more content…
If we the people let the government, they can control one’s every move, and once it gets too far out of hand sometimes it is impossible to fix unless a miracle happens or if everyone comes together as one. If the government would not have such a hold on people’s lives then they would not want to break the laws or commit crimes as much as they do now. The apocalypse in “Anthem,” is caused by the government’s wanting full control over their community and wanting to run it the way they want without any other objections. The people of the past tried to fight them off but they clearly lost the battle only because they were outnumbered. Furthermore, today I do not think we need to worry about this situation happening because as of now we have a good democratic system and the people express their feelings daily for everyone to…show more content…
There is always something happening that keeps your heart rate pumping and is very suspenseful, which really made it exciting. It made it irresistible for me to put the book down. The author openly made her point that life is not about you as a whole with everyone else, but that you are an important individual and that you need to make your own decisions and start your own path in life. I took it as her saying that you do not need to let others own you and that you need to break free and live how you want and do what is going to make you happy. During the story, I was warned from the start that it was unacceptable to do anything that the government did not approve them to do. They had very specific orders and certain times to do these orders and if they were not followed properly then they were considered a waste of space and their body was then properly disposed of. I would unquestionably recommend this book for others to read.

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