Essay On LED Lights

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efficient source of light available in the market. In 1962, Nick Holonyak Jr. while working for General Electric invented the first visible spectrum LED in the form of LED diodes. In 1970’s while the companies worked towards improvements in the red diodes and the manufacturing process, LED’s started appearing in indicator lights and calculator display. The blue diodes were invented in the 1990’s, the discovery of blue LED’s led to the discovery of white LED’s. The researchers coated the blue diodes with phosphor to make it appear white. The researchers also demonstrated white light using red, green and blue LED’s. These breakthroughs led to LED’s being widely used in a variety of applications. III. NEED FOR TRANSITION TO LEDs…show more content…
Traditional light sources like incandescent and fluorescent lamps emit light in all directions as compared to LED lights. LED’s are directional sources and offer better optical control. The structure of the LED lamps allows them to emit light hemi-spherically instead of emitting light in a spherical manner as compared to the traditional light sources. The better directional output increases the efficacy of LED lamps. LED lights are excellent replacements for conventional lights in locations like corridors where only directed light is needed because conventional lamps spread light in all directions unnecessarily. Savings in such cases can be up to 90% by replacing conventional lights with LED lights. Similarly very high savings can be obtained in case of “task lighting”. LED lamps are highly impervious to vibrations as they do not have filaments or any glass enclosures. This makes the LED light source quite robust and allows the LED lamps to be used in a wide variety of applications where the lamps are subject to vibrations. Also, the small size and the scalability of arrays allows the LED to offer innovative and compact lighting
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