Hearing Impairment Case Study

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Hearing Impairment According to Friend and Bursuck (2015) “students who are deaf or hard of hearing, referred to in IDEA as having hearing impairments, cannot hear well enough to use hearing as a primary channel for learning without significant assistance (p. 192). The authors all share the following information on students who are deaf or hard of hearing: Intellectual Ability- “students with hearing loss have the same range of intellectual ability as other students. However, if intelligence is assessed using a test based on language, students with hearing loss might have lower scores. Academically, many of these students struggle because their hearing loss affects their ability to understand language, which in turn affect their learning”…show more content…
The Palo Alto Medical Foundation notes that many children are first diagnosed with hearing impairment in infancy or as toddlers. Children who do not say single words by age 1 or two-word phrases by age 2 might suffer from hearing loss. A toddler with normal hearing can typically name familiar objects, follow simple commands, and recognize the names of family members by 15 to 24 months of age. Children with poor hearing might be unable to communicate because they cannot understand or imitate spoken…show more content…
We have an amplifier system in our classroom that is connected to his hearing aid. We have him sit in the front right by the teacher on the rug and directly across from the teacher at the meal time tables. Check for Potential Areas of Students Success: Because students with HI needs are typically able to perform intellectually at the same level as their peers, teachers can look at where their strong points are academically and use that. The student I work with loves numbers and is able to quickly identify and build numbers. We use this skill often to get him engaged in large group activity. We will have him count the peers that are at school each day. We use this still too, when working on his sound production skills. Look for Potential Problem Areas: Because of the difficulty speech production. It may be difficult for students to answer orally answer questions. Use Information to Brainstorm Ways to and use Differentiate Instruction: Use accommodations and modification such as; AT device for communication. The student I have on my caseload uses an IPad with Proloquo. Prior to using the iPad, he used a PECS books. Providing multiple visuals to large group lessons is also an appropriate way to differentiate the

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