Ryanair Case Study Essay

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Ryanair had received several complaints that have been filed by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), the U.K.’s independent regulator of advertising due to the exaggerated claims made by Ryanair regarding the availability of flights at flight prices that did not include taxes and fees. Other allegations such as claimed that its flight from London to Brussels was faster and cheaper than travelling by the Eurostar train, suggested that people buying tickets via online agent Lastminute.com were being ripped off and many others. This has been acknowledges by Ryanair itself that its website statement which engages in ‘punchy advertising that sometimes gets them in trouble’. Besides, Ryanair has faced ample criticism in 2009 where the Air Transport Users’ Council claims that Ryanair had the most complaints of any major European airline and cancellations, missing bags and denied boarding were top complaints. In addition, other observers had labelled Ryanair’s customer service as poor. The Ryanair’s top management which is the CEO Michael O’Leary also agreed to the statement of customer service is poor where in his statement stated that he believed that in exchange for the cheap fares, the passenger need to endure with the awful customer services. Other than…show more content…
This could also lead to difficulties to pay for its expanded fleet of aircraft. Another important factor related to Ryanair’s customer is about the familiarity of its educated passengers with the low ticket price strategy implemented by Ryanair and whether the passengers could continually put up with the poor customer service provided in an exchange with the lower fares offers. They might change to the other airlines' companies that could offer them only a slightly switching

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