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When you think of heroes in the bible you think of Jesus, Moses and Samson. Esther is another hero in the Bible who challenges the theory that men are the only heroic characters in the Bible. The story of Esther is set between 492 B.C. and 460 B.C. This is after the Babylonians invaded Jerusalem and took the Jews to the capital of Susa this is when they were in exile. The Persians killed the Babylonians and the diaspora was created. The main points of the essay are Jewish faith, the history of the story of Esther, heroes in the Bible show faith and courage and Esther is an Archetypical hero. To understand heroes in the bible you have to understand Jewish faith. God is all powerful, all knowing and omnipresent. God says in the covenant if you follow my rules and I will reward you but if you don’t I will punish you. In reality the Babylonians invaded and enslaved the Jews for believing in god and many lost faith. Esther never lost faith and because of that she becomes a hero in the Old Testament. Esther lived in a time when Jewish people were being persecuted. This time was called diaspora, Esther lives in Susa and she eventually became Queen. However the Jewish people in Persia did still not believe and they still need a hero to save them again. Esther is still a strong hero in the Bible and this is because of the way she…show more content…
Esther finds out that her people are going to die. Esther asks her people to pray for her for 3 days, she throws a banquet and goes to trial. Esther speaks on behalf of the Jewish population and stops the Jewish from total annihilation. And the trial was successful. This shows us that she is a powerful women and it teaches us that women are not just house slaves but they are more than everyone thinks they are. Esther shows faith and courage even though the traits are normally association with the male species in the

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