Science And Natural Science Similarities

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A human’s mind can be powerful, and sometimes the knowledge that comes from the mind can’t be controlled. “The map is not the territory” or in other words, the representation of the connection between nature or the reality it shows through knowledge, is linked to this question. Our mind is filled with knowledge that does need barriers at times and “mind maps” are things that are used to either simplify things or gain accuracy. Simplicity and accuracy are two things that can be mistaken for the other at times. In terms of knowledge, simplicity can mean little which then results in the statement that simple knowledge is knowing little. Simplicity is defined as “the quality or condition of being easy to understand or do” or “the quality or condition…show more content…
As Natural Science is the branch of science which deals with the physical world instead of humans, such as physics, chemistry, biology and geology; accuracy and simplicity does fall into it. Natural Science is usually accurate because one who is studying in the field of natural science, would like to get close to the truth as close as possible. People who have faith in science and natural science more specifically, all try to be as accurate as they can. Simplicity on the other hand, falls into a different line in relation with natural science. Scientific concepts and methods aren’t just estimations and accusations but more so specific and most of the time simple. If then science isn’t simplified as it usually is, the progress in order to find out something would take longer and take too much effort. When it comes to a specific study, being simple would further help the person out considering it becomes easier. Although being simple, could mean that the accuracy wouldn’t be as close to 100% as it could or should be. In order to understand and know the full procedures and steps and reasoning in relation to understanding specific methods, laws and even the human body, simplicity wouldn’t help as the deeper you go the more accurate something can get. In Natural Science, someone has to know and…show more content…
When it comes to learning about certain subjects or certain laws and topics, the accuracy of knowing that could be different to each individual. In conclusion, the two AOK’s that has been picked for this essay, History and Natural Science are two AOK’s that show no correlation between simplicity and accuracy. Although there are other AOK’s out there who could maybe show otherwise. Being accurate and being simple could mean different things to different people and one could see accuracy as detailed and in depth while someone else could see accuracy as specific and short. The way one see’s accuracy could affect the way one will conclude with simplicity. Which is why discussing this would be hard as simplicity and accuracy can be confused with each other easily. But, with just using the AOK’s Natural Science and History, the correlation between the two are not

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