Analyzing Dr. Schuster's 'Stepping On His Father'

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Dr. Charles Schuster does an excellent job of keeping the reader wondering what the title meant. I kept reading and reading, looking for a clear cut, defined answer. Dr. Schuster introduces his family and focuses on his own relationship with his brother through anecdotes. These short stories and informational blurbs were a smooth transition into how he could have stepped on his brother’s head. I especially enjoyed these anecdotes because I was able to learn about each character’s behavior and the context they will have in their role of this essay. When the narrator actually does explain in detail how Dr. Schuster stepped on Marty’s head, I felt like I was in the scene (I know, this situation later gets fuzzy without further context). This segment was very concise and easy to read as well. A line that I felt was very strong was, “For God’s sake, stepping on your…show more content…
As Schuster mentioned, despite financial hardship and emotional hardship our country’s pride is to stick together and work hard. I also interpreted that Schuster expressed a lot of his own thoughts and feelings about how he wanted to be appreciated more by his family and wanted the same opportunities and recognition as his brother, despite their age. Schuster makes the reader question if the Schuster really did step on his brother’s head. Was it a metaphor that an elder brother is not more important than the younger? Is equality between siblings Schuster’s fantasy? Marty, failing to remember the incident 53 years later, makes it clearer to the reader that Dr. Schuster may never literally stepped on Schuster’s head. Another question I have is why this incident resonated with Dr. Schuster so much compared to his brother (if it really happened)? No physical damage to Marty, but from a mental health standpoint, was this a childhood memory that would have forever haunted Dr. Schuster? Must it be true

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