Examples Of Racism In To Kill A Mockingbird

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BRINGING UP CHILDRENIn the one of scenes in To kill a mockingbird, Calpurnia explains to Scout that everybody, no matter their social status or the way other people view them, he deserves to be treated with respect because Walter Cunningham goes to school with no lunch because his family is really poor, he was invited to dinner by Jem Finch. Scout was shocked when Walter "poured syrup on his vegetables and meat with a generous hand" and expressed her surprise vocally. However, Calpurnia, Atticus, and Jem obviously knew that Walter had been hesitant to come and that he needed encouragement in order to feel comfortable and fill his stomach. His family was extremely poor, but they did the best they could to repay their debts and did not take Handouts…show more content…
Scout realizes that because her teacher isn't a local, she won't know that about the Cunninghams, but Scout's explanation gets her into trouble. She wasn't trying to be insulting, but Miss Caroline mistook her frank and innocent explanation as condescension or rudeness and punished her for it. Scout's perception of the world and her classmates is not yet marred by the social divisions that adults see JusticeBoo is in part a victim of his father's idea of what is just. Instead of being sent to a state school, his father keeps him under house arrest--a punishment that last Boo's entire life. LonelinessBoo Radley is treated like an outsider because everyone thinks badly of him because of the false rumours about him and he stays in his house all day. prejudice and bigotryTom Robinson is targeted by the people for the crimes he did not commit and people want him dead for the crimes. Boo Radley is known for bing a loner and wired and people target him for being a loner RacismMost of the white population in Maycomb are racist. towards the africans americans like Tom Robinson, by judge still accusing Tom Robinson of rape even though there was a lot of evidence proving that he was
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