Kile: A Narrative Fiction

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The young man cursed out at the note. How could he get all of this done? Did he have a choice? It was either that or death, but he was already being worked to death! Kile slammed the note down on the table, grabbed the tools and got to work. Gotta try. Under his belief, him and Vincent had some...bug. A computer chip, that would be activated if any harm came to that man or if he didn’t do as he asked. If Kile messed up, he was ok with that. He’d rather die than be here, but he was not going to be responsible for the little boy’s death. “Can I help?” Kile spun around, nearly jumping out of his skin. He guessed he was on a lot more edge than he thought. Vincent stood with his hands behind his back, rocking back and forth on…show more content… those video games the man got you.” Kile waved his hand in a shoeing matter. “You don’t know his name either?” Kile sighed, then motioned the boy to walk with him,” I don’t. But I don’t think he will.” Vincent began to trot along beside him,” Why?” “Because if he did, we might tell the police his name. No chance in escaping then.” “But don’t we have that computer chip thing that will…” Kill us? Yes. But it wasn’t like the boy was going to say that at all. He had a hard time saying it out loud. Vincent had been so...accepting of death before, now was a different story. How cool would it be walking into his homeroom and saying,” Ya! I spent my winter break being kidnapped by a pedophile! But it’s ok! I’m around now, aren't I?” No. That wouldn’t happen. Probably not like that at least. Probably something along the lines of,” I’m so sorry” “I couldn’t even imagine” “You poor thing”. That’s just what they do, right? And they could be sorry or not. They could never truly imagine what this is even like. What is it like? Weird, scary, eerie, disheartening, it makes Vince feel like this isn’t even real. Like he wasn’t even there. That one day he would wake up right back in his bed, but he knew that wasn’t going to happen. He pinched himself a lot to make sure this was all some nightmare, at first he thought he was just doing it in his sleep so that he could feel it. He tried everything.…show more content…
“But I’ll do it all on my own. I can say it’s for a game or something.” “I don’t know…” The loud noise emanated throughout the room, almost outing the wind. “Come on!” Vincent whined. Kile stopped to look at him,” You’re not like other kids. You said you’re 14 right?” “Ya why?” “Well it’s just...I don’t know. I’ve always found younger kids annoying, but you’re different. don’t curse, pretend to be older than you actually are, none of that. You actually act pretty nice and...a lot younger than you actually are.” “Neither do you. Most in highschool or college are too caught up in their own little world to bother with us ‘kids’.” The boy said the word with as much venom as possible. Kile didn’t flinch,” Ok, so maybe we don’t act like other people.” “Is that a bad thing?” Kile smiled,” No. Not at all.” Then another hit of the hammer slammed on the nail. Then another, then another, and then another. It almost became rhythmically while Vincent stood around for a a while, watching both Kile and the floor, unsure what to

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