Generalized Anxiety Disorders Case Study

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Presenting Problem: Pt. is a 13 y/o Caucasian male with dx of Generalized Anxiety Disorder; presented to NNBHC with SI, a plan, and audio hallucinations. Pt states that he attempted to hang self with an stuffed animal snake, but the tie came untied when he put weight on it. Pt stated that the voices stated, “kill yourself”, “burn yourself”. Pt stated he began hearing the voices in the summer 2015, however he rarely heard them. He states that the audio hallucinations have became more intrusive and clearer since summer, where he feels he cant control himself from not obeying the command. Pt states that he has a plan to hang self “make it tighter so it will work this time”. Pt states he currently has SI, denies HI. Pt states he has numerous
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