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Music has the power to connect the fans and idols together. As I was living in Japan, I became interested in the Japanese pop music (or J-pop). Arashi is one of the idol groups who are best known in Japan. When I traveled to Korea, I was amazed by the Korean pop music (or K-pop). BTS is the popular Korean boy band. Both idols associated with fans through their trustful characteristic, their links between fans and media, and their memorable dance music. Idol groups create tempting atmospheres that fans sense to become close to them. In general, Arashi is known as an intimate group, groups who are very close to each other. Arashi interaction creates a delightful mood; therefore, the fans will see Arashi who engender a sense of affinity with the fans. During a concert, fans feel the love from idol groups by listening to a song which idols express gratitude to the fans. In ‘5x10’,…show more content…
Arashi has two original programs; both programs invite different guests every week and the viewers vary as the guest change. TV programs will allow fans to watch their idols daily and fans will feel the attachment to the idols. Similarly, BTS has its own program online but it is not updated rapidly that fans will be excited when BTS announce new episodes. Korean idols are more in the social network services instead of TV. Fans are accessible to idols’ music videos on YouTube channels, music on Spotify or iTunes and recent information on Facebook and twitter. Korean idols are promoting themselves through the internet in order to be close to their fans and to be known globally at the same time. Through the development of media, each idols programs are shown to other people who are either fan or not. However, the programs are broadcasted daily that idols are noticed by many people. Moreover, the programs fill fans’ satisfaction because idols are close enough that fans can avoid
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