Comparison Of Post War Youth And Rock And Roll Essay

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Jazmine Feijo Post-War Youth and Rock ‘n’ Roll What is the thesis of the essay? Use your own words to paraphrase it. Throughout the essay, the writer argues how the rise of socio-economic and technological advancements after the Second World War further expanded and strengthened youth culture as a distinct consumer group, and contributed to rock and roll’s popularity. What methodology for proving the thesis does the author propose in the introductory paragraphs? Use your own words to paraphrase it. The author suggests that the factors involved in the development of youth culture are not measured by a single event. The rise of trends, taste in music, new jobs, increasing consumer market, and inventions that occurred after the Second World…show more content…
Use your own words to paraphrase both points and proofs. The author, Andy Bennett, emphasizes six main points to support his argument. According to Bennett, the socio-economic achievements are convenient for post-war youth as it becomes more attainable for other classes to enjoy luxuries such as the television. The television is a medium for people like Elvis Presley to emulate the figure of teen idols and heart throbs that many youth dedicate their attention to. All the media attention Presley and many other teen idols experience make a large contribution to youth subculture because it becomes a way for them to connect with the artists and teens alike. Besides the rock and roll on-screen exposure, the technological evolution plays an active role in the rise of youth culture and the popularity of rock. The invention of the audio tape and 45 rpm records results in the increase of rock and roll record productions. This results in the creation of radio shows that are solely dedicated to youth’s musical preference; rock and roll. Additionally, the technological advancements spark the growth of consumerism amongst young groups. The technological discoveries in mass production lead to cheaper sales, making it easier for youth to get

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