President Aquino's Corruption In The Philippines

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Just because everyone’s attention is on Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s unsurprising presidential bid, does not mean President Aquino’s back is free from judging eyes. The “Daang Matuwid” that he is so proud of is falling apart — a backbone turned crooked is what it has become. He might have had his fair share of achievements, but the hasty Filipino owns a pair of eyes that can only see the mess that he has made. With his successor nearing arrival, he does not have much time; he has half a year left to save face before packing things up. But just like every dethroned president, he is expected to pass on issues unresolved. Indeed, he has failed his ‘bosses’ with his false promises of a straight path toward reform. Will he miraculously gain the…show more content…
Few have been imprisoned and many are still walking on city streets like freemen, enjoying their political privileges. The pork barrel scam shook the nation when Benhur Luy finally revealed what taxpayers had to know: P10 billion was reported to be pocketed by hundreds of politicians. The whole scheme was masterminded by Janet Lim Napoles. Proven unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, the short-lived DAP included funds that were allegedly used as incentives for other government offices and as budget for projects that were not covered by the General Appropriations Act. The executive branch, under Aquino, misused the program’s money which was supposed to be the key to the Philippines’ ‘economic growth’. Even the Bureau of Customs could not resist the itch of the criminal hand, stealing hard-earned pasalubong sent through balikbayan boxes by overseas Filipino workers. Thieves in office have gone so low that they would go as far as steal the pettiest of things: imported chocolates, canned goods, clothes, etc. Opening these private boxes and calling it a “physical inspection” will not justify the bureau’s

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