The Greatest Game Ever Played: A Classic Underdog Story

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Hi Mrs. Zackin, Here is my essay for the movie assignment. The movie “The Greatest Game Ever Played” is a pure classic underdog story. It's a movie based on a true story about a boy named Francis Ouimet who is in love with the game of Golf. Unfortunately, only the prominent rich families are aloud to play such a game and he was only able to afford to caddy. He would take his Golf club and ball and practice long nights in his room. But because of who he was, the world was never able to see the skill inside of him, then, something changed. The movie was made in 2005 and takes place between the years of 1900 and 1913 starting off when Francis is only a nine year old boy. At this point he is a caddy at the local Country Club in Brookline,…show more content…
One day after caddying he was taking some nice shots and luckily two scouts saw him, but when he realized he was being watched the nerves took over and his shots were no longer nice. After this, the scouts went over to him and told him that they want to sponsor him in a big local tournament. Francis had an extremely determined personality and he sacrificed to convince his father to pay the 50$ entry. Francis' determination got him through almost the whole duration of the tournament and at the end was near the top of the rankings. But unfortunately, at the end the nerves got to him and prevented him from finishing the game well. Although Francis did not have the ending he hoped for he was extremely impressive in the eyes of the scouts and was not…show more content…
He constantly brings up that Golf is a rich mans game and not for the working class. He believes that there are two different worlds and even if his son proved to be an amazing Golfer, the rich people would never accept him. When Francis goes to his Dad and asks for the 50$ to play in the tournament he agrees, but the deal was if he loses he has to give up the game and never talk about playing Golf again. Not only is Francis doubted by the world but he is also doubted by his father. Although Francis did make a statement in the game, he did not win and went by the deal and went and worked in his Fathers shop. Years later the two scouts from earlier in the movie invite him to play at the U.S open. This was the biggest Golf tournament in the world and the best players participated in it, including Francis' idol Harry Vardon. At first, Francis denied the offer but when he saw the tournament starting he couldn't resist and enrolled in it. At first Ouimet was an unknown and couldn't find a caddy so he had to use a little fat kid, but as he improved his score his name started showing up in the newspaper. When his name was first seen by his Father he went over to Francis and told him that if he doesn't drop out then he would no longer let him sleep in his house. Francis amazed the entire world and ended up first tied with his childhood idol Harry Vardon. They would play a tie breaker round

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