How Did Ancient Greek Leaders Influence Civil Society

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Today’s modern societies have many influences taken from ancient Greece. Their society has achieved in many areas. Our political ideals (primarily democracy), sciences, philosophy, and architecture have all originated in ancient Greece. None of these aspects would have been possible without the help of famous Greek leaders. This essay will discuss these important leaders of ancient Greece and their contributions to the modern ideals of civil society. Alexander the Great (356-323 B.C.E.) is considered one of the most famous Greek leaders of all time. He created one of the largest empires in ancient Greece and spread Greek culture around the settlements. His spread of Greek culture made him one of the biggest contributors to the Hellenistic Period, and the East and West’s trade and contact were increased through Alexander’s campaigns. One of the cities he founded, Alexandria become one of the most prosperous cities in Egypt and still is today. Another one of Alexander’s greatest achievements that is often overlooked was how he connected cultural and racial differences between different civilizations.…show more content…
495-429 B.C.E.) was most well known as a political leader, orator and general of Athens. Pericles ruled during what was called The Golden Age of Athens (or sometimes the “Age of Pericles”). Under his rule, he instituted a notable prototype of a democratic society. Despite his family being renowned Athenians, Pericles wanted to break the alliance between the Spartans and increase the power of ordinary Athenians. Pericles wanted Athens to become a democracy, and made Athens one of the freest governments at the time. He made political offices open for all men to join, and allowed those who served on jury to be paid. This allowed the poor an opportunity to serve on the jury as well. Pericles also strongly encouraged the performing arts and literature. He was also responsible for building most of the structures on the Acropolis of

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