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The Roman society for many generations has drawn up much attentions from many. They were an advanced society for their time and were always very unique with their work. What is interesting about the Romans is that they adopted many customs from the Greeks. “The Romans were fascinated with the similarities and differences between the Greeks and themselves, and although they also explored what distinguished their culture from that of other races, it was interest in this relationship that predominated” (Huskinson 98).When creating different forms of art such as paintings, the Romans commonly applied Greek characteristics to their work. Traditional Roman music had a sense of Greek culture integrated in it. The Greek and Romans appreciation for…show more content…
Roman education has drawn a great deal of influence from Greek teachings. As the Romans began to develop their society, it was apparent that they were inspired by the Greek lifestyle through obvious similarities between both society groups. The relation between the Greeks and Romans goes back many centuries. “In the fourth and third century, Rome had links in cities of mainland Greece and their colonies in southern Italy and also Hellenized communities in Etruria “(Huskinson 2000). Huskinson states that the upper class Romans became more exposed to Greek culture after they had contact with the Hellenic Kingdom, after Alexander’s death. There were many benefits that the Romans saw in Greek cultural ideas into their own society. Appreciation for Greek art was so immense that Roman citizens began to collect and imitate the Greek style of art. According to the text The Humanistic Tradition written by Gloria Fiero, Roman of Greek art rapidly began to spread throughout the roman cities as Rome’s most wealthy citizens obsessed over…show more content…
It managed to develop a society that grew more advanced over other around it. Rome was one of the first civilizations to use concrete as a base for their buildings and their use of complex designs have created some of the most visually impressive structures in history. Some of the biggest structures such as the Roman Coliseum display aspect of Greek culture, such as the three Greek orders. The Romans have also been inspired by the Greek culture which influenced many of living. Like the Greeks, the Romans appreciate nature and the many landscapes that surround them. Different forms of Greek art were admired the Romans, which lead to a large spread of Greek art through the roman cities. Although it is almost impossible to understand the Roman music, it is known that Roman music had Greek influence leading to the creation of unique Roman instruments. Through Greek teachings, much of the ways that\at the Romans think and lived were changed. Although the Romans constantly mimicked different Greek styles and ideas, through their unique styles of thinking and creating, the Romans were still able to create their own culture with their own specific

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