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Freezing is a simple and easy way to preserve foods. Properly frozen fruit and vegetables are much like fresh foods in color, flavor and nutritive value. They will keep up to a year without losing their high quality. Some varieties of fruits and vegetables freeze better than others. If you are not sure how well a fruit or vegetable will freeze, test it first by freezing three or four packages. Then sample the food after freezing. This only shows the effect of freezing, however, not the effect of storage. As a rule, all vegetables that need to be cooked freeze well. Vegetables such as cucumbers, lettuce, radishes and tomatoes lose their crispness when frozen and become limp. Most fruits can be frozen successfully. Containers for Freezing Good…show more content…
Tempered glass, plastic, and heavily-waxed cardboard containers are suitable cartons for liquid packs. Heavy plastic bags, specifically developed for use in the freezer are best for dry-packed vegetables and fruits. Overwrap thin plastic packages with another plastic bag to prevent tears. Scottie Misner, Ph.D., R.D., Extension Food and Nutrition Specialist Reprinted (1994) by Alice Henneman, M.S., R.D., Extension Educator This guide offers suggestions on containers for freezing, packing, loading the freezer, freezing fruits, preparation, preventing fruit from darkening, freezing vegetables, and heating and cooling vegetables. Select a size that holds only enough fruit or vegetables for one family meal. Seal the carton by pressing or screwing on the lid. Most plastic bags can be scaled by twisting and folding back the top of the bag and securing it with a string, rubber band or other sealing device. Packing Pack food tightly to cut down on the amount of air in the package. Air draws moisture from the food, resulting in a poor quality product. Allow ample headspace (1/2 to 1 inch) because food expands as it freezes. Seal carefully. Label packages Freezing Fruits Most fruits can be frozen successfully. Use
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