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Valley Forge Essay Would I have quit? Yes I would have quitted because of the horrible conditions they gone through. Like the winter, they didn’t have lots of clothes back then. They were freezing to death, and especially it’s really cold up there in like Philadephia. Going through all of that freezing I wouldn’t be able to handle all that coldness with so many people, and especially when their sick in the winter made it even more worse for all of them. Because if all of them are in a house sick in the cold meaning everyone is most likely to get sick from them. And with George Washington telling them on Document B, saying well look at us, we're over here freezing with barely any clothes, and you guys with a lot of supplies, clothes, and etc. And if you were to stay it would be a 1 in a lifetime thing to experience, but at the same time it’s something that is risky, to you and to your family, knowing things could happen to you and what it would effect to your family.…show more content…
If you don’t have enough supplies for the war how do you expect to keep all your soldiers healthy and strong? Like food is a major thing. Soldiers need to be healthy and strong to be in the war. You don’t want to have unhealthy and not strong soldiers in the war. Because without food, soldiers will start starving to death, and if something goes bad like your metabolism how would you be able to fight off diseases or

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