Poetry Analysis Essay For 'Tuesday 9: 00 AM'

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Poetry Analysis Essay for “Tuesday 9:00 AM” In this poem, “Tuesday 9:00 AM,” Denver Butson writes about some things a bus driver sees when he is driving. The driver sees many things that are out of the ordinary. The theme of this poem is that drugs can make people hallucinate about unpredictable and frightening things. The driver hallucinates about a man who is on fire, a woman who is drowning, and a woman who is freezing. Butson develops the theme of the poem well with figurative language. His use of imagery here, “Flames are peeking out / from beneath his collar and cuffs” helps show how real the images look to the hallucinating bus driver (3-4). Another example of imagery in this poem, “a stream of water runs / steadily from her blouse”

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