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Background of the Study For the past few years, food trucks have found that sweet spot by tapping into the current popularity of foodie culture, the powers of social media and in many cases, cheaper prices. The increasing popularity and presence of food trucks in urban environments raises practical question of how cities can maximize the benefits of these businesses while minimizing the potential negative factors (Jason Tanenbaum, 2012). From this paradigm, conceptual development occurs when people become satisfied in this kind of business in different cities. These food trucks reinvented the image of street food from something that had previously elicited a fear of food poisoning, into something that was a recession-friendly version of organic, local and gourmet food. With their colourful exteriors, clever business names and inventive food offerings, these food trucks are narrated as well suited to the contemporary economy, and have gained cultural currency for the food that they offer, as well as the ways that they…show more content…
The modified mobile kitchen may include a sandwich grill, deep fryer, microwave, or other cooking tools. Food trucks may have simplistic, traditional foods, such as hot dogs or tacos. However, more frequently, food trucks have begun offering unique food choices, spanning ethic cuisine options to gourmet varieties of grilled cheese sandwiches. Food trucks may be parked in one place or driven to multiple locations. Food trucks have recently become a fashionable luncheon for working men and women in large cities such as DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. Nonetheless, mobile food vehicles are not necessarily a new phenomenon, and mobile carts have been popular in these cities for several decades. The history of mobile food vehicles, however, extends further and broader than these

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