The Hunger Games Character Analysis

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Throughout the novel, “The Hunger Games”, the protagonist, Katniss Everdeen, goes through many critical events that changes her life. In this dystopian society, known as Panem, Katniss changes as a result of volunteering as tribute for her younger sister Primrose, a close ally of hers, named Rue, getting killed, and when she experiences mixed feelings about a fellow tribute, Peeta Mellark. All of these main events throughout the novel cause Katniss’s life to change drastically. The first major event that impacted Katniss’ life was when she volunteered as tribute for the Hunger Games for her little sister Primrose. Primrose is a very delicate, and gentle, and Katniss doesn’t want to risk losing her. In the moment Katniss was too afraid to…show more content…
Throughout this novel, Peeta has been a main character with Katniss, he was the male tribute chosen. Peeta helped Katniss out in a time of need a while back and Katniss doesn’t feel comfortable killing him because she never got to say “thank you”. Peeta just added to the burdon once he proclaimed his love for Katniss at the interviews, this left Katniss surprised and even more conflicted. Later on in the novel, they begin to be referred to as the “star-crossed lovers”. In the book, it states, “But whatever he’s done in the arena, he must have the audience convinced it was to keep me alive… Peeta, it turns out has never been a danger to me.”(Collins, 247-248). This was only the beginning, Peeta wasn’t working with Katniss at the time, Katniss was worried that Peeta would turn against her at some point but, this was a realization to her that she had nothing to worry about at all. It also says, “He won’t have so low of an opinion of me as to think I’d ignore the new rule and keep to myself. Would he?”(Collins, 250-251). This is when Katniss begins to second guess Peeta a lot and gets worried over pretty much nothing. Katniss begins to confuse her self when thinking of Peeta and the choices she has made and will have to

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