Pros And Benefits Of Copyright

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Copyright is giving the inventors, owners and proprietor’s sole right to copy, sell, reproduce or spread in different forms their property. This property could be material or an idea or invention. There are many benefits that copyright registration can contribute to the betterment of both business and society at large. Some of the benefits include promoting innovative ideas and hard work and protecting them, and the others include putting a stop to intellectual and property theft. In an individualistic society, a copyright registration protects the right of the owners and encourages them to continue in the path of hard work. They see that their efforts are not in vain, and they get a sense of entitlement and reward for their efforts. Imagine in a society where what belongs to you belongs to all?! In such…show more content…
The wrong hands would be reaping the benefits of another man’s sweat. In this line, you find people who pirate audio CD’s of popular songs for example. And this crime known as piracy, i.e. reproducing something that originally belongs to someone else, can only be considered a criminal offense committed if the original owner has registered his/her product with the relevant bodies or enforcement authorities and of course this is a crime that cannot be easily curtailed, eliminated or solved with the cooperation of society and its members at large. People who buy pirated products are implicitly criminal or tolerating a crime that shouldn’t be encouraged. One of the things that attract people to buy pirated products and to even buy things in violation of copyright is cheap price. Copied products are cheaper than the original and often they are lookalike and carrying out the same functions but not having the same
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