Carlos Williams Poetry Analysis

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I will explain the William Carlos Williams poems in my essay. I am going to analyze his some poems ‘’Spring And All’’, ‘’The Red Wheelbarrow’’, ‘’This Is Just To Say’’, ‘’Landscape With The Fall Of Icarus’’ and ‘’To Elsie. I will start with short entrance of imagism and Williams’ style. Firstly, I need to say that he has a big influence to Ezra Pound and T.S Elliot. He is imagist poet and he focused directness of idea and economy of language also he rejected Romantic and Victorian poetry. Imagism presents an image and makes a sudden flash in our minds. Williams’ language is in common speech and he questioned that ‘’how does poetry come about?’’ He uses everyday object and he suggests speech is the just ordinary thing and word exchange. He creates…show more content…
But he warns him to be far from sun and see. After he escape, he forgot his father’s saying and fly closer to sun and after that he died and fall down the earth. This free verse styling poem, starts with enthusiasm and happiness and after we see the Icarus’ die. This imagery tell us people has no awareness that events may turn worse. When Icarus fall down nobody care him like farmer who plowing fields. So we need to pay attention our future that can be change in time. Our last poem ‘’To Elsie’’ is little different and long poem of Williams. This poem occurs from 66 line and its style is free verse too. As we understand from the title he dedicates this poem to someone named Elsie. She is poet’s housekeeper. He tells her life in few lines. She sent for working when she was fifteen so she has a hard life because of the other part of Americans. William Carlos Williams always finds American society insatiable. American’s history shows that both adventurers and Puritans polluted this land and have made the city contaminated. That’s why Elsie carry this suffering which America gives her on her body and mind. She is like an invisible mirror to the American society. American society’s this rapacity and divagation shows that America has nobody that use the car so

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