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What is fashion? To delineate fashion is actually a difficult job, as it differs from person to person. For some fashion may be a popular or latest style of clothing, accessories, decoration etc. What I believe, fashion is something which you can carry it with an ease and feel comfortable in whatever you are wearing. Fashion is also isn’t about divulging your body; you can equally look beautiful and fashionable in covered dresses. Even girls or women who do “HIJAB’S” even they look so graceful and fashionable. Fashion is something which comes from within, if you are happy and positive even that reflects on your face which adds charm to your personality, and yes that is one of the ways to look fashionable. Thus, wear what you like, in which you are comfortable and what you can carry well!…show more content…
And to provide you guys an extra knowledge “PARIS” is known as fashion capital of the world. WHY ‘PARIS’ IS STILL THE FASHION CAPITAL OF THE WORLD? Paris has been ruling the high seas of fashion for more than centuries. During this time it has engrossed the world’s foremost designers and apparently imbued citizens with an intrinsic sense of style. Paris still claims its title of world fashion capital. Few are: • BIKINI: Oh yes you read it right, bikini was invented in Paris by the French automobile engineer Louis Reared and fashion designer Jacques Heim in 1946. The item embodies French style in its timeless effortlessness. • LITTLE BLACK DRESS: Commonly known as LBD, which is a short and adaptable garment is considered as essential element in every woman’s wardrobe was invented in Paris by COCO CHANEL in the 1920s. • HAUTE COUTURE: The notion of Haute Couture (‘high sewing’ or ‘high dressmaking’ or ‘high fashion’) was invented in Paris. • BEST DESIGNERS AND PEOPLE: The world’s best designers have always operated from Paris. It is the headquarters of Roachas Vuitton, Chanel , Dior ,Hermes, YSL

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