Winter Dreams Analysis

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Desire For Material Success In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s short story, “Winter Dreams”, he suggests that the American Dream is a desire for finding material success. Dexter wanted nothing more than the best. Best style, Best Business, Best girl. However, in order to achieve the best he had to put in the effort in to receive the success level that Dexters dream wanted to attain. When he put in the effort he got the success that he wanted to achieve and when he did not his results were not as promising. “Often he reached out for the best without knowing why he wanted it”(pg 735, ch 2) Dexter did this multiple times throughout the story. For example, “Dexter borrowed a thousand dollars on his college degree and his confident mouth, and bought a partnership…show more content…
He put a great deal of effort into making his career a success. Dexter put money into a college and bought a partnership in a laundry company in the city where the wealthy people lived. “When he was only twenty-three and had been there not quite two years, there were already people who liked to say: ‘Now there’s a boy’” (735) However, Dexter had to put the effort into his company to advance. For example, it started off small but Dexter learned how the English washed the clothes without shrinking them.“Men were insisting that their Shetland hose and sweaters go to his laundry just as they had insisted on a caddy who could find golf balls”(735) His company was growing “Before he was twenty-seven he owned the largest string of laundries in his section of the country” (735) Dexter even mentioned himself that “I’m probably making more money than any man my age in the northwest.” (741) When Dexter put in the effort he got to success level he wanted to…show more content…
however, when he didn't put in the effort the results were not as prosperous. Judy Jones was the most beautiful girl in his eyes, the perpetual glittery achievement. Even when she was young he knew from the first time he saw her. “ the spark, however, was perceptible. There was a general ungodliness in the way her lips twisted down at the corners when she smiles, and in the--heaven help up!-- in the most passionate quality of her eyes.”(732) however, at the first sign of problems he quit. “‘What are you standing there like a dummy for? Go pick up the young lady’s clubs.’ ‘I don’t think I'll go out to-day’ said Dexter. ‘You don’t----’ ‘I think I'll quit.”(734) Dexter quit because he didn't want to deal with Judy even though he was the best caddie at the club. Dexter moved on in his life he didn't fight for Judy “Eighteen months after he first met Judy jones he became engaged to another girl.”(744) Dexter moved on and didn't fight and since he didn't fight for her the love of his life Judy got away, she moved on and faded in her life since she gets into a semi-abusive relationship “He had just loses something more, as surely as if he had married Judy Jones and seen her fade away before his eyes.”(751) however, Judy faded away before of the remorse she had endorsed by not being with Dexter not that fact that if she had a family she would fade away it's the situation she was in that had her in the predicament. Dexter did not put the effort into

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