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INTRODUCTION Many different geological processes could shape Earth’s surface. The energy or activities that caused these processes are known as natural forces. It comes from both above and beneath the Earth's surface. The Constructive impact from the forces may create beautiful landmarks, which could inspire designers for their collection. On the other hand, they can cause natural disasters. Nowadays, the weather changes in a snap; it could be very hot in the afternoon and suddenly rain so heavily, or the other way around. These extreme changes are a form of unstable climate, with global warming as the main issue. When the climate become warmer, it will also change the nature of global rainfall, snowfall, evaporation and other factors that…show more content…
In 2001 H&M went for their campaign about ‘Conscious Action for Sustainable Fashion’. Karl Johan Persson, CEO, (Hennes & Mauritz AB, Stockholm 2014) H&M said, “In H&M, Sustainable fashion is their last goal to achieve. They will create looks that are fashionably sustainable. And not only offering to create a more sustainable fashion, but also he wants to help people to express their selves and be proud with what they wear.” These strong statements become the foundation as well as the inspiration for their campaign ‘Conscious Action for Sustainable Fashion’ (Conscious Actions Highlights 2013 report). H&M builds up 7 (seven) fundamental commitments (H & M Hennes & Mauritz AB), which is used to produce their clothing. First is to provide fashion for conscious customers. This commitment means that H&M would like to make their customer aware about what kind of products that they can expect in accordance to the price and the impact that they create to the environment. Being the first brand to sign the accord for building fire safety in Bangladesh, H&M also makes sure that their whole supply chain is also aware of this

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