Information Restriction On The Internet Essay

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Information restriction on the Internet is a kind of violation of human rights. With reference to Hong Kong, to what extent do you agree with this view? Since its’ opened to public in 1990s, the Internet developing rapidly and providing myriad information for billions of people now. With a great deal of data attached to Internet and the number of people who regard Internet as a fairly important part of their regular life is increasing, it becoming a controversial topic that if we should relate the Internet freedom to human rights. While some people agree with the information restriction, some other people argue that if the limitations of data exchange on the internet are reasonable. This paper discusses both the arguments for and against of taking internet as a part of human right. With the importance of the internet increasing, countries like USA support that internet access should be listed as a fundamental human right. In Finland and Estonia, that access is already ruled as a human right for their citizens. A survey…show more content…
Many organizations, sometimes even nations argue that limiting information on the Internet is a violation of human right, which ignores a fact that in many cases, the Internet restrictions can limit information like fake data, criminal and terrorism that has bad influence to sociality. A completely internet freedom can sometime actually violate ones’ right. It was reported that in 2006, a video showing a disabled boy was being bullied by classmates was remained available on google for two months until an alert by a police [8]. Being regarded as an evidence that websites like google should do more with checking the material provided by their users, it also a powerful support that a totally free internet can be more hurtful to people rights like the right of privacy and the right to be

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