Fashion Is A Mirror Of Our Life Essay

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Choices of Clothing: A Mirror of Our Life “Fashion you can buy, but style you possess” (Apfel, n.d.). Clothing has been part of our daily lives even since time began, or after Adam and Eve disobeyed God and realized they were naked. In addition, clothing was invented in the ancient times to keep us warm (Fashion psychology: what clothes say about you, n.d.). Moving on, as man evolved and developed through time, his needs and thinking changed. As a result, man became innovative and creative, made tons of inventions, and redesigned their lifestyle including clothing. Factually, changes of clothing styles can be traced from each period in history; dating back from the Medieval period, to the Renaissance, to the Classical, to the 80’s, and down to the contemporary. At present, the…show more content…
To name a few, styles like bohemian, 70’s, punk, gothic, trendy, and exotic are evident and continued to be flaunted during fashion week or even everyday-streetwear. Moreover, each person has different tastes and styles in their clothing that are distinct from one another. For example, Liz Uy, a respected Filipino stylist and blogger, loves to be creative and her distinct style is layering different clothes and fabrics to create an innovative and contemporary silhouette that’s so unique. Another, Daphne Guinness, a British legendary fashion icon, loves to be creative and exotic at the same time, and her style is so unique and distinct because of her avant-garde outfits and towering heelless wedges. Truly, each and every one are unique in terms of taste, style and choice of clothing. Moving on, similar to Madame Apfel’s statement mentioned above, it vividly embodies the concept that our choices of clothing reflect who we are. To add, though it doesn’t reflect every detail of our lives like our contact number, food we ate, etc., it still shows some information about us. Thus, our choices of clothing reflect who we are because it gives a glimpse

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