1920s Fashion Essay

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Sierra Partridge 30 November 2015 English 3 Honors Mrs. Moran Iconic Women’s Fashion in the 1920’s Throughout history there have been many influences on fashion. There were the corsets in the Victorian Era, trippy colors in the 60’s, afros and bell bottoms in the 70’s, big hair in the 80’s, and low-crotched pants in the 90’s. In the 1920’s, women had some of the most iconic fashion choices, including their clothing and accessories, hats and hairstyles, and makeup and manicures. The styles from the 20’s are so iconic that many people today replicate and perfect them. You can even see subtle pieces from that time period in today’s fashion. When one thinks about the 1920’s, they automatically think about “The Flapper”. Flappers were young Western women in the 1920s who wore short skirts, bobbed their hair, listened to jazz, and displayed their disdain for what was then considered appropriate behavior. They wore a chemise or shift dress. It hung from the shoulder to the knee and the waist dropped to the hips (“1920’s Women’s Dress Fashion and Style”). These dresses were usually black and worn in the evening. Eveningwear had two main styles. The first…show more content…
Cloche means bell and it is a very snug hat that was often worn tilted, covering the forehead, but not blocking vision (“1920's Fashions and Accessories including Prices”). The cloche hat and the flapper style were often paired together. These hats started a revolution for women’s hairstyles. Since the hats were so fitted, hairstylists would thin out the hair making the back a simple ‘chignon’, which is like a bun. A small bun was still too much and it lead to the hair being ‘cropped’, also known as the ‘bob hair cut’. Many girls and women have this haircut in fashion today. The Dutch bob hair cut was a very popular hairstyle and it became the most sought after look in the 1920’s (Phipps). The boyish bob is known as the most iconic hairstyle of the
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