Essay On Evolution Of Technology

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When we discuss about Transformasi Nasional 2050 (TN50), we need to examine the evolution of technology from what it is now to what it will be in 2050 and beyond. The evolution of technology is happening at breakneck speed, rendering obsolete those unable to keep up. We must ask the future generation what is being done to take advantage of the technological trends of today, which will either be mandatory or widespread 33 years from now. The digital world has changed the way people consume content. We have to accept the fact that today’s technology alters and, to a certain extent, dictates our behaviour and lifestyles. Among the multiple technological developments we can see is the continued development of “smart cities” — wired-up cities and…show more content…
Malaysia should make this a reality today. There is a need to shift paradigms to a leaner, more intelligent future in both business and governance. As time progresses, more and more jobs will be taken over by software, robotics and machines. Youths must understand that the private and public sectors will inevitably shift towards a leaner management and less human employment. Thus, early adopters, technology disruptors, movers and shakers have the advantage as long as they stay ahead of the technological curve, so to speak. Digital media rooms and real-time communications are becoming the new normal. Inevitably, brick-and-mortar establishments such as retail spaces will be replaced with digital malls, filled with digital tenants promoting and selling their wares in cyberspace. We will also see more and more jobs being replaced with artificial intelligence, making them “virtual”. Such examples can be seen with the establishment of virtual concierge, personal shoppers and even assistants that run on dictation and voice
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