Role Of Respiratory System Of Birds

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* Birds’ respiratory system is the most efficient of all vertebrate animals. Birds need continual air flow to sustain flights. Hence, their respiratory system differs from the “in and out” system of most other animals. This remarkable system allows birds to maneuver acrobatically at altitudes at which most animals would barely survive. *The avian respiratory system is different from that of other vertebrates, with birds having relatively small and non elastic lungs plus air sacs. *Air sacs play an important role in respiration (but are not directly involved in the exchange of gases).…show more content…
*In order to achieve this birds have adapted to having air sacs rather than lungs *The air sacs are thin walled membranous, non-vascular and non-muscular structures. *They are present around the lungs and are formed by the dilation of the mucous membrane of some of the secondary bronchi. *Air sacs open into lungs through apertures called ostia. *Their total volume is several times more than the volume of lungs and they fill up much of the body cavity. *They do not play a direct role in gas exchange. Rather, they act as a 'bellows' to ventilate the lungs. *There are nine air sacs (Fig.20.11) – i) Inter clavicular – *It is single median and triangular air sac and is located between the two limbs of the

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