Kino And Juana Defeated Or Triumphant

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Did you ever build your happiness on something that you know you might lose? Did you find something that you thought it helped you a lot and at the end you find out that it was useless? Well, Kino and Juana had had this experience. In this essay, we will be discussing the following question: At the end of The Pearl, are Kino and Juana defeated or triumphant. (As well as the past questions.) I personally think that, Kino, and Juana made every effort to take care of the pearl, and to buy it to the extent that they burned their house, left their community, lost everything but the pearl. At last, I think that At the end of The Pearl, Kino and Juana were defeated; they lost everything for such a worthless pearl, and you will know why, while reading my essay. Initially, I would like to start with why I think Kino and Juana were defeated. Well, Before I start I would…show more content…
If he just hurled the pearl from the beginning when Juana told him to, nothing would have happened as it happened. They would have kept their home, his family, and himself safe; instead of doing all that then finding all, what he has done was just not worth it. Besides, If he had thrown the pearl or did not believe in it, and worked harder than ever, he would have earned lots of money and not wasting time in believing in something that was not true. Well I think that Kino would have been an innocent man all his life (not killing a man), and his life would have been very simple and cheerful, without having to hide, or anything. Do not misunderstand me here because I am not saying that the pearl was the cause of evil, but I am saying that the everyone wanted to have this pearl so people came to steal it but because Kino was awake, when a person came to steal it he killed him. So if the pearl were gone/did not exist nothing would happen, he would not have to kill a man, or he would have slept

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