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Concussion in Rugby The Little Guide to recognising, diagnosing and recovering from Concussion Introduction Rugby is an internationally loved game. This is particularly due to its increasing intensity and physicality. However this increasing physicality can lead to many repercussions. One of these repercussions is concussion which has become a popular topic in the media in recent times. However with the intensity of rugby many players foolishly ignore symptoms of concussion in order to return to the playing field. The objective of this pamphlet is not to deter players, coaches and supporters from rugby but rather to educate them to the severity and procedures associated with concussion. What is Concussion?  Concussion is a traumatic brain…show more content…
 Unless managed in the correct manner concussion can have a significant impact on the short and long term health of a player When and how does concussion occur? Concussion occurs when an impulsive force which may come from any part of the body hits the brain. This causes the brain to hit one side of the skull and then the other. o Mechanism of injury: i. Tackle (high or spear) ii. Taken out in mid-air iii. Scrum collapse iv. Collision with other player o Neck Pain or tenderness o Multiple injuries o Weakness, pins and needles, imbalance and numbness How do I know if I have concussion? Being concussed does not necessarily mean that the player must have lost consciousness. Only 10-15% of concussed players are actually knocked out or have lost consciousness. However there also may other symptoms associated with concussion: o Seizure or convulsion o Balance problems o Nausea or feeling sick o Vomiting o Drowsiness o Irritability o Fatigue or low energy o Confusion o Nervousness or anxiety o Headache o Dizziness o Feeling slowed down o Blurred vision o Amnesia o Sensitivity to light o Feeling like “in a…show more content…
All their symptoms have subsided 2. They have followed the GRTP protocol 3. They have been medically cleared to return If another player is concussed what should I do as a player/ coach? Should a player develop any of the listed signs of concussion: • They must be safely removed from the field of play. • They must not be allowed to play rugby until they have completed the graduated return to play (GRTP) protocol • It must be ensured that the player is in the care of a responsible adult who is informed of the players suspected concussion How can I avoid concussion? • The ability to treat or reduce the effects of concussive injury after the event is minimal • Avoid second (compounding) injury • Education of athletes, referees, parents and coaches regarding the detection of concussion, its clinical features, assessment techniques and principles of safe return to play. • Scrumcap are designed to protect against high energy impacts resulting is skull fracture and are ineffective against low energy impacts and concussion • No evidence to suggest mouth guards prevent

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