A Rhetorical Analysis Of Facebook Reset By Steven Levy

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Facebook is a marvelous place where people can connect with their friends from anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, people often friend others they do not know, which can clog their newsfeed with unwanted material that they do not care for. Steven Levy, a writer for the magazine Wired, proposed a solution to this issue in his article titled, “Facebook Reset.” Levy believes that everyone’s friend list has gotten out of hand. He then states that Facebook should give its users a friend-list do-over. He proposes that this reset day should be on July 4th. Although his idea is great in principle, the way he proposes to implement it is ineffective. I will refute Levy’s argument in the last two paragraphs with substantial evidence and his own statements. Incidentally, Levy almost contradicts himself immediately in his proposal. He urges that everyone should post a “statement of friending principles” (597) and only add people they correspond with in person. However, he then says that he would still keep celebrities like Girl Talk, which he only “met once in Pittsburgh” (597),…show more content…
Its symbolism is to “declare independence from the temporary connections that have become eternal social milestones” (598). July 4th is the day that America declared independence from Britain. Many people celebrate that day with fireworks, greasy food, and spending time with their families. Wasting that day on resetting their friend list is absurd and unrealistic. Plus, there is already a day dedicated to Levy’s idea and that is National Unfriend Day. National Unfriend Day was proposed by Jimmy Kimmel and is held on a more realistic date, November 17th. This day has more renown than Levy’s date and is a global cause. This day has the same purpose as Levy’s plan, so such proposal is nothing new and interesting. Instead of proposing a completely different day to reset friend lists, he should have supported National Unfriend

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