The Epic Of Gilgamesh: How Should People Respond To Suffering

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How should people respond to suffering? To answer this question first we have to know what suffering is. To me suffering is a feeling that expresses pain and makes a person miserable about his/her life. Suffering can come in various forms and shapes: family death, personal or family addiction, disease, emotional problem, financial problem, or a physical pain. These sufferings have solutions, but they vary from person to person. I think this because every person is different and thinks differently. The solutions include: getting professional help, fight it on your own, ignoring it, or simply living with it. The following book protocols show different ways in which people deal with suffering: reading 1.2 From the Epic of Gilgamesh, and reading…show more content…
In this story, Gilgamesh was loved by the Gods, but when he had an interest in the queen of heaven, the Gods kills his dearest companion -Endiku. Because of this loss, Gilgamesh was suffering and questioning his life and the Gods. But instead of living with his suffering, Gilgamesh decided to embark on a long journey looking for answers as why his friend had to die and if there was eternal life. This protocol illustrates my theme because it shows how a man (Gilgamesh) responded to his suffering. In this story Gilgamesh showed as a type of suffering and how to deal with it. In the next protocol we see another way of fighting…show more content…
After too much thinking I came to the decision that it was easy to select a movie about an addiction: Nymphomaniac: Vol. I and Vol.II. This movie is about a girl named Joe, who narrates her whole life to an old man (Seligman) who found her beaten in an alley. It turns out that she is a sex addict and explains to Seligman how she discovered her addiction and the problems it caused her. She was very young when she discover sexual pleasure and from there on she look for it everywhere no matter the consequences. This movie helps me explain my theme because her addiction brings a good deal of suffering and she tries different methods to defeat all these sufferings. At the beginning she doesn't think much of it (she thinks that is normal) and she just goes with it and does nothing about it. Then a few years later she marries her first and only true love and becomes a mother. That's when she starts suffering because her addiction comes in between her family. At one point she leaves her little kid alone all day while she goes out to have sex (her husband is not able to perform sexually so she cheats, he agrees). She knows she did badly so she looks for help. She ends up going therapy, but after a few sessions, she comes to the conclusion that everyone has their pleasures and that if you are happy why change that aspect of your life; so she goes back to having sex with strangers. At this

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