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You've probably come across several essential oils but don't know much on how to use them. Well, essential oils are produced through the process of distillation through water or steam. This process makes use of different parts of the plants such as roots, stems, leaves, bark, or flowers. The result of this distillation process is a concentration of essential oil that has the fragrance and other plant characteristics of the plant distilled. Essential oils have many uses such as clearing up bad odor in a room, rejuvenating and revitalizing the senses, and even treating various diseases. Another benefit that you can get from essential oils is that they can be used to prevent or reduce bouts of depression. The best essential oils for depression…show more content…
There are some individuals who are suffering from depression who don't like to take medications to treat their emotional issues hence they are seeking alternatives. This is where essential oils may come in handy. Here are other benefits associated with essential oils. • It relieves anxiety – One of the benefits to be gained from using the best essential oils for depression is that it can help relieve your anxiety. You can prepare a tincture or you can diffuse the oil if you like to help you inhale the benefits of the essential oil. • It has uplifting properties – Another advantage to using essential oils is that it has uplifting properties. This can provide a huge relief to someone who is suffering from depressive thoughts as it can boost their mood significantly. • It acts as an antidepressant – Some essential oils have been known to act as antidepressants. The oils may trigger the serotonergic system which can slow down the release of stress hormones which can alleviate depression. • It improves the mood - You will find that the best essential oils for depression can actually improve the mood. Inhaling the scent of essential oils when diffused can literally boost your mood which can help you fight off depressive

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