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Title The wind in my face , Fresh air all around , practically smelling the scent of the fish about to be caught. Fishing is a sport that causes me to loose all track of time. Fishing is a sport unlike anything else , repeatedly casting over and over for that one “tap” that signifies that a fish has just taken the lure. Loading up I rear back into my hookset and for a moment when the fish is fighting time just stands still. Along with losing track of time fishing has taught me many lessons that translate to daily life. Fishing is a pastime for many americans their are many different types of fishing from small fish in fresh water to the biggest fish in the ocean. I Bass fish is freshwater the person I give credit to for getting me into Bass…show more content…
When I go out to fish I feel like many lessons can be taken from a day on the water . First off it's taught me that when life is going good to take a step back and enjoy it I learned this from good days of catching fish after fish on the water. Some opportunities may only come up once in life so during those opportunities it's best to capitalize because I never know when I might get it again for example sometimes only one fish diced to bite all day and if that chance isn't capitalized on no fish will be caught that day and a personal experience with that is one day on the boat i hooked into a pig of a Bass it was probably 5 ½ to 6 pounds I fought it all the way up to the boat and finally my grandfather was going to reach for it and with one shake of her head she broke the line and swam back into the depths of the chocolate milky lake water. Being persistent is probably one of the most important qualities to be successful the way fishing has taught me this is that I can make casts over and over with nothing to show but if I stay positive and keep at it eventually I can manage to get a fish or two this has taught me to stay positive and always try to accomplish the goal at hand and to keep fishing, never
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