Essay On Election Security

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The security plan of a candidate cuts across adequate security for the candidate, campaign team and ground, campaign office(s), Election Day security (this has become source of manipulation and systematic rigging) and collaboration with civil society groups, security agents and coordinating government agencies. In any election, authorities take steps to ensure that voters, candidates, poll workers, observers, and other actors involved in an election experience the process free from fear or harm and to ensure that sensitive election materials are kept safe. The specific security requirements for a given election will vary greatly depending on the context or environment. In places with enduring conflict, or where there is a significant potential…show more content…
Election security planning has to consider the potentials for all of these types of violence and how to prevent, mitigate or end them while respecting fundamental human rights. Election violence as a vital tool to election riggers should be carefully checked as this has evolved into a systematic rigging means/process, more especially in developing countries. 7.3. Significance of Election Security In order for an election to be inclusive, free and fair, participatory, competitive and ultimately, to reflect the will of the people; it is essential that electoral candidates can campaign; citizens can cast informed, secret ballots without fear of retribution; officials can effectively administer the process; and civil society, media and parties can engage and observe, free from fear and harm. In many places, EMBs help coordinate processes and personnel to protect various aspects of elections. The candidate through the party should ensure that security plan for a given election takes into account the implications of deploying armed personnel. While their deployment can be necessary where potentials for electoral violence are significant, their presence may
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