Bhopal Factory Case Study

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There is no doubt that contamination has grown into a critical environmental issue, since undeniably adverse impact on entire planet Environmental pollution influences not only people, animals and plantations but also the wider surroundings; mountains, lakes, rivers and so on. Bhopal factory was a pesticide manufacturing plant in Bhopal, Madya Pradesh, India which was owned by the UCIL an American company. The glimpse of a major disaster first started to indicate in 1976, by two trade unions criticized the higher authority about a leak in the plant. First one worker was killed by inhaling a fair amount of Phosgene as he removed his mask in panic due to a splash of the substance.Even though the trade unions complained about this matter no solid…show more content…
In second day, the leaves on the trees close to the plant turn into yellow in colour and fell off the trees. Nearly 2500 animals and livestock dead in this disaster including buffalos and goats. Indian fishing industry was banned due to the contaminated water in the lakes nearby. Food supply was limited because of the food safety issues. Nearby harvest was also influenced by the leak. According to authorities, 36 regions were considered to be “gas affected.” Due to the Bhopal gas leak, there had been constant environmental problems raised because of improper clean up. Beginning attempts to purify the environment nearby areas of Bhopal were incomplete. The purity liabilities transferred from Union Carbide manufacturing to the Madhya Pradesh. Since this time, money and responsibility for the criticism had become a problem. Further, drinking water pollution has become a main problem. Even the underwater system of Bopal has been polluted with the toxic chemicals leaked during the gas leak and continuous wastage of unpurified chemicals from the factory. It made water unsuitable to drink. As per the statistics of World Health Organization Mercury concentrations are seven times higher than the normal values. According to a research carried by Greenpeace it is revealed that the chemicals are blown by the

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