Essay On Sense Perception

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The prompt which I have chosen is, “ We see and understand things not as they are but as we are.” and my knowledge question being “How does perception manipulate our understanding?” According to me, the interpretation of things varies from person to person because of the way they have been brought up, how exposed they are to the world and their personal experiences. The way I comprehend and perceive this topic might be completely different than someone else’s interpretation and hence can be assessed from various point of views. The factors which influence us to make who we are, majorly affect the way we perceive and view things. Sense perception and emotions are two of the factors which manipulate our understanding. One of the major areas which affect the way we perceive things is perception using the five senses. From my perspective, I think people can see the same thing differently to a great extent. Isaac Newton, a great physicist had come up with many different theories, one of them being his second law of motion, which states force was equal to mass times acceleration for moving objects. He came up with his theory on moving objects after he experienced and used them in his daily life. It was his interpretation rather than belief that majorly influenced and affected the way he saw things. He was…show more content…
A person’s mindset is changed when they know that they are sick. Using music to relax and entertain them would alter their emotions and hence change their perception on the hospital’s ambiance. This could be one of the methods to change the mentality of a patient and make them get over their feeling of sickness. Therefore, music plays with our emotions depending on our current situation about a specific thing and hence allows us to understand things “not as they are but as we
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