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Computational Modelling of Rail-wheel Interaction for stress Analysis Devendra Singh1) Dr. R.C. Singh2) Roop Lal2) Department of Mechanical Engineering, Delhi Technological University Shahbad Daulatpur, Bawana Road, Delhi-110042, India Abstract Wheel-rail contact analysis is one of the most standout problems in the modeling and analysis of railway vehicles. The wheel-rail interaction is an exceptional part of rail-vehicle progress as it accounts for the capacity of freight wagon and is being considered the most critical parameter for the freight traffic wagons on the railway tracks. In this thesis, the static response of the wheel on a rail is analyzed by modelling and analyzing the…show more content…
Figure 5: BOXN wheel drafting in Creo parametric 2.0 Figure 6: BOXN wheel complex drafting in Creo parametric 2.0 Figure 7: Side views of Model of BOXN wheel in Creo parametric 2.0 Rail-Wheel Assembly The assembly of rail and wheel has been kept so simple and effortless as only two components needs to be assembled. Smooth and uncomplicated component designs allowed to assemble both the parts in an accessible manner. The first objective was to maintain the ease of assembly. During the assembly, firstly the rail was being fixed as it is the most stable component stable component of the permanent way so, the relationship status of the rail was set to default according to the assembly. Then focus was on to create the relationship status between the rail and wheel & it was given the tangent status between rail and

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