Essay On Early River Civilizations

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From the beginnings of the human race, humans have always struggled to find best way to deal with their environment and the people around them. Early humans developed into nomadic societies; but around 8000 B.C.E, the Neolithic revolution ignited and rocked humanity to its core. People began experimenting with cultivating plants for food, which led to agriculture, which lead to early river civilizations such as Egypt, Mesopotamia, and China. Both nomadic societies and early river civilizations dealt with issues ascertaining to what role did gender play, how to provide food, and how to lead and cooperate with each other. On topics such as economic development, political organization, and gender relations, early pastoral and nomadic societies differed greatly from their early…show more content…
However, they went about gathering food in very different. Nomadic societies practiced hunting and gathering. Every day, day in and day out, the men would muster their stone spears and go hunting for big game, such as mastodons and woolly rhinos. The women and children would stay their around camp, collecting grubs, berries, nuts, roots, and other vegetation to eat. They would fashion tools out of stone, wood, and bone. Some tribes and clans also made pottery and baskets. But, whenever the time came for these migratory people to move, they would leave most of their possessions behind. This led to a very free, open society. As the concept of private property was unfamiliar to nomadic societies, they were less concerned with keeping their material possession on their migrations. Their nomadic lifestyle lead to a very communal economy. Early river civilizations, however, had a sedentary economy based on agriculture. In order to cultivate their farms, people had to remain next to their land. In Mesopotamia, people farmed barley, in China millet, and in Egypt wheat. People also began to domesticate animals. This led to an abundance of food. With this abundance,

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